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About me

I am Aarti Landzaat-Waghmare, born in India and living in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands since 2012, where I also have my clinic.

In India I completed a six years Bachelor's course in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), In Hon. Shri Anna Saheb Dange Ayur vaidya Mahavidyalay, Ashta, Sangli, Maharashtra. My education is recognized by the Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine.

I've always wanted to become a doctor. And I am happy to have chosen B.A.M.S., because now I realise that if I want to help people then ayurveda is good way to do so, because in modern medicine there are too many limitations.
And now I am ready to help people with my knowledge of Ayurveda. I don't just want to cure the symptoms of diseases but wants to cure the root cause and bring peace to body, mind and health. Busy life schedules, polluted environment, stress and strain are affecting large groups of the world's population. While some get treated after being diagnosed most continue to suffer after half-baked treatments. Being a part of the Ayurvedic society I feel it is my responsibility to take a new step and promote Sanskriti Ayurvedic Clinic.


I will continuously try being the most authentic Ayurvedic clinic providing excellent Ayurvedic treatments with the highest degree of patient satisfaction.


To serve humanity through the evidence based practice of the Ayurvedic system.
To blend the advances of contemporary medicine with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and develop as an institute of excellence.
To reveal the healing power of Ayurveda in the best form of traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

Professionally trained in Ayurvedic medicine subjects

  • Basic principle & history (Ayurved Itihaas)
  • Metaphysics (Padarth Vigyan)
  • Physiology (Kriya Sharir)
  • Sanskrit
  • Branches of medical science (Ashtang Hruday)
  • Anatomy (Rachana Sharir)
  • Social & preventative medicine (Swasthvritta)
  • Materia medica & pharmacology (Dravya Guna Vigyan)
  • Pharmaceutical sciences (Ras Shastra & B.K.)
  • Jurisprudence & toxicology (Agad Tantra Vyahar)
  • Pathology & microbiology (Rog Avam Vikriti Vigyan)
  • Charak Samhita (Poorvardha)
  • Gynecology (Parsooti Tantra Avam Stri Rog)
  • Pediatrics (Kaumar Bhritya)
  • Medicine (Kaya Chikitsa)
  • Surgery (Shalya Tantra)
  • Ophthalmology & E.N.T. (Shalakya Tantra)
  • Charak Samhita (Uttaradha)

Experiences from patients

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