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What is Ayurveda?

Hita hitam sukham dukham ayus tasaya hitahitam!
Mana ch tachha yatrokatam ayurveda sa uchyate !!

The language of Ayurveda is Sanskrit. This shlok is from Charak Samhita. In Sanskrit, ayur means an ancient system of life and veda means knowledge. So the knowledge of happy, unhappy, healthy and unhealthy state of life is called Ayurveda. Ayurveda explores life and all its layers. Ayurveda has been arising in India from thousands of years ago.

The goal of Ayurveda

Swasthasya Swasth Rakshanam
Aturasya Vyadhi Parimokshanam !!

Ayurveda helps to maintain good health, and to prevent disease in order to promote quality of life and long life. It focuses on prevention of diseases and helps to cure them. It pays more attention to organism energy and their functions for the destruction of the cause. So it means Ayurveda doesn't just try to cure the symptoms of a disease but it tries to cure the root cause (from its Samprapati).

Some characteristics and advantages of Ayurveda:

The basic principles of Ayurveda

Doshadhatumalamulam hi shariram

According to Ayurveda, health is the harmony of a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a happy spirit.

Advantages of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments