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Consult at Sanskriti Ayurveda

In my clinic I can help with various health problems. On this page you can get an impression of the various disorders that can be treated by Ayurveda.

What to expect in the consult.
Preparation for the first consult
Reimbursement from health insurance

Ayurvedic treatments may be (partially) reimbursed via additional insurances. When in doubt, contact your insurance company before the consult, or use this (Dutch) table supplied by LVNT. Claiming and receiving reimbursement is solely the customer's own responsibility. Delay in payment due to insurance issues is not acceptable. In case of disputes with the insurance company, Sanskriti Ayurveda will try its best to supply information and cooperation, but is not responsible for the process and outcome.
Workshops are never reimbursed by insurance companies.