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Panchkarma (detox treatments)

16-03-2020 - 22-03-2020

It's a new year, time for a new start. You can achieve anything you desire if you are in good state of mind and body. So there is no better way to start the new year with new you to get a fresh start from the inside out. We can achieve this new year's resolution with the most ancient detox treatment "Panchkarma". It can help you releasing all of the toxins from the past. So let's hit that reset button en start with new you.


Our Panchakarma Program includes

  • Pre-Panchakarma consultation including complete Ayurvedic consultation, pulse diagnosis and, depending upon the complaints, starting of deepan, pachan (pre-Panchakarma), treatments, diet advice, intake of herbs, etc. Pre-panchkarma consultation will take place around 15-20 days before the actual Panchakarma program.

  • During the Panchakarma program, patients will get daily Ayurvedic treatments of approximately two hours consisting of: Abhyanga (oil massage), Swedana (herbal sweat therapy), Shirodhara (pouring of warm oil to the forehead), etc.

  • Every morning yoga lessons that assist in eliminating toxins and doshas and have a therapeutic and restorative effect on the system.

  • Daily short consultation with your Panchakarma consultant throughout the week to monitor your cleansing process.

  • Special varieties of therapeutic diet and herbal teas provided daily.

  • Lifestyle and diet recommendations specific to each individual.

  • Recipes of all Ayurvedic food used in the program will be provided to the patients.

  • A supportive environment that provides space for true contemplation and self-healing.

  • Post-Panchakarma advice for healthy diet, exercise, lifestyle practices and herbal rejuvenators.

Activities during the treatment week

Steam bath, Billiards, Dart board, Walking in the beautiful nature, and Learning ayurvedic cooking.


Eifelkloster, Mürlenbach, Duitsland.
Adress- Birresbornerstrasse 54570 Mürlenbach

Cost and Payment

  • €1600 inclusive vat, all panchkarma treatments, ayurvedic food, herbs and accomodation.
  • Depends on your health insurance, the treatments are (partially) compensated.
For participation you need to inroll and need to pay advance deposite. It's €300. And bankaccount number is- NL 26 ABNA 0248 43 96 93
A payment in a number of installments is possible. Please contact Aarti if you would like to make use of this.

If you register and pay the deposit, you will receive an invoice stating the deposit and the remaining amount. You can then transfer the remaining amount to the stated bank account number.